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The Little Tiger Press Young Writer and Illustrator Awards 2010, sponsored by PriceMinister, are designed to encourage reading and creativity in children from an early age. This national competition aims to promote a life-long love of reading, writing and illustrating.

As well as the tips, games and activities being made available on this site during the course of this competition, the downloadable pack you receive upon registering contains ideas for inspiring children to write and illustrate, to make it fun, and to build their confidence. When they are ready the children can then look at the stories and illustrations from our published authors and illustrators below, and start their own work, taking up the baton to become the authors and illustrators of tomorrow!

Young Illustrator Award

Below you will find the two pieces of writing composed by our best-selling authors Paul Bright and Tracey Corderoy. Children entering the competition must choose either story A or B and create their own original illustration that is based around the character in the story. A short sentence should be attached to the image, to briefly describe the character composed. The illustration should be hand drawn on a piece of A4 paper, using any medium (paint, crayon, pencil etc.) but ideally in colour and with some kind of background scene.

A name can be given to the character or characters shown (the more imaginative the better!). Full guidelines and details for entry are contained in the downloadable pack you receive upon registration.


Written by Tracey Corderoy
Published by Little Tiger Press (September 2010)
Text copyright © 2010 by Tracey Corderoy

Once there was a little white owl who lived by himself in the snow.

He didn’t have a mummy. He didn’t have a daddy. He didn’t even have a name.

But he didn’t really mind too much. It had always been like that.

And his head was full of happy stories…

Sometimes he was a brave white knight…

and sometimes he was a snowflake.

Sometimes he was a rocket blasting off to the moon!

But every night, at bedtime, he sat on his favourite branch, nibbling toast spread

with strawberry jam and counting the stars, by himself.

Then one day, he looked at the big blue sky that stretched on and on forever…

“I wonder what’s out there?” said the little white owl.

So he packed his teddy and his clock.

It was time to see the world!

For days the little white owl flew – over turquoise oceans and deserts of gold. Then he

spotted the prettiest trees, sprinkled with tiny jewels, so…



down he swooped – but wait…

…these jewels had beaks! They were owls – lovely owls! Owls just like him

“Would anyone like a bite of toast?” he said.

But the lovely owls sat quiet and still. They didn’t want to spoil their perfect feathers.

“How very plain you are,” groaned the green.

“No colours at all,” sniffed the dotty red. “You don’t belong with us. Go away!”


Written by Paul Bright
Published by Little Tiger Press (July 2009)
Text copyright © 2009 by Paul Bright

Ty was big, and Ty was mean. He had a big, big mouth, with big, big jaws, and big, big teeth and big, big claws.

“Yeah! That’s me,” said Ty tyrannosaurus. His roar echoed around the swamp, so that the other dinosaurs trembled in their tummies.


Teri was small and Teri was sweet. She had a tiny, tiny mouth, with tiny, tiny jaws, and tiny, tiny teeth and tiny, tiny claws. And she loved her big brother more than any tyrannosaurus has ever been loved.

“Lub oo, Ty rannynormus!” gurgled Teri.

“Stay in your nest, pest,” said Ty. “I’ve got hunting to do.”

Ty stomped through the swamp. The ground sploshed and quaked and quivered, and the dinosaurs heard, and shook and shivered.

“I’m hungry!” roared Ty. “I’m biggest, I’m baddest, I’m ready to eat. I need some fresh stegosaurus meat!”
He opened his big, big mouth and …

“Hug oo, Ty rannynormus!” burbled Teri, wrapping her arms around his huge leg.

Ty sighed as he saw his stegosaurus breakfast paddle off through the swamp, sniggering.

“You shouldn’t be here, squirt!” he hissed. “Get back to your drooling. Now stay away!” And off he stomped, snorting.

Young Writer Award

Below you will find two images that have been created by our best-selling illustrators Tina Macnaughton and Liz Pichon. Children must choose either image A or B and look at the picture, thinking about who the characters are and what their stories could be. More hints and prompts can be found in the downloadable pack you receive upon registration. They should write a short story of no more than 600 words. The story can be based around anything at all, as long as the characters displayed in the image are a focal point. Please make sure that A or B is written on the top of the short stories entered into the competition. Full guidelines and details for entry are contained in the downloadable pack you receive upon registration (see How to Enter).

We hope you have fun with this in the classroom and please feel free to refer back to the site for hints and tips from the authors and illustrators themselves.


Illustration copyright © 2005 by Liz Pichon


Illustration copyright © 2010 by Tina Macnaughton

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    The Little Tiger Press Young Writer and Illustrator Awards are designed to encourage reading and creativity in children from an early age. It is an annual competition aimed at schools, charities and organisations in the UK.

    It aims to promote a life-long love of books and to give children a sense of enjoyment and confidence in reading, writing and illustrating.
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