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Author: Tracey Corderoy

“Anything can happen in a story. A little white owl can be a fearless knight or a troll can gatecrash a party! My stories take me on magical adventures to lands I never knew were there.”
Tracey Corderoy

Tracey Corderoy was born and grew up in South Wales. She left when she was eighteen and moved to Bath to train to be a teacher at cheapest custom writing.
During her teaching career, Tracey worked with children between the ages of four and eleven. She loved, more than anything, the time in each school day when she and her class would share a story and the book corner was always a warm and welcoming place.

During this time it became clear to Tracey that, one day, she would love to write stories for children-stories that they would want to read again and again.

When Tracey’s daughters were born, she decided to take a break from teaching so that she could enjoy the time with them while they were growing up.

More recently, she has supported children in primary schools by implementing specialist literacy programmes and re-integrating children returning to school following periods of long-term illness.

When Tracey’s eldest daughter left primary school, she decided to follow the dream that she’d nurtured for many years and began writing children’s stories. Tracey has never looked back and has since written many books for children including several published by Little Tiger Press.

She now lives in a hidden valley surrounded by sheep, wild deer and cows with big, fluffy ears. Along with her husband and her two daughters, Tracey shares an ancient cottage with a huge golden retriever called Dylan, (whose favourite word is “cake”) several cats, guinea pigs and a teeny mini lop-eared rabbit who quacks like a duck!


  • The Grunt and the Grouch (illustrated by Lee Wildish)
  • Star Friends (illustrated by Alison Edgson, to be published July 2010)
  • The Little White Owl (illustrated by Jane Chapman, to be published September 2010)

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Author: Paul Bright

“When you write you create something new that belongs completely to you, that nobody else has ever written before. You can hold it up or read it out or, if you are very lucky, see it made into a book, and you can say ‘I wrote that!’”
Paul Bright

Paul Bright is originally from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. He studied engineering and materials science, then worked as a plastics engineer for a large chemical company – a great contrast to his other career as a children’s author!

Paul has spent time living in Switzerland, Holland and, until recently, Tarragona in north-east Spain. He started writing stories for his own children when they were young and he kept on writing even when they left home.

His job involved a lot of travelling and he used to write on trains and planes and in hotels. Now he lives back in England, he has a lot more time to devote to writing. He writes at home on his laptop, but also keeps a notebook beside the bed, together with a special torch-pen that he uses to jot down any ideas that he thinks of in the middle of the night.

Paul says it is always a challenge to think of new and different ideas. He loves the thrill when the first copies of a new book arrive, and when he sees his books in a shop he always moves them to the front of the display!

Paul has had many poems published in various collections and has written several books for Little Tiger Press.


  • Charlie’s Superhero Underpants (illustrated by Lee Wildish)
  • Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch! (illustrated by Michael Terry)
  • The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm (illustrated by Jane Chapman)
  • I’m Not Going Out There! (illustrated by Ben Cort)
  • Nobody Laughs at a Lion! (illustrated by Matt Buckingham)
  • Under the Bed (illustrated by Ben Cort)

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Illustrator: Tina Macnaughton

“Illustrating picture books is about telling a story by drawing characters and pictures that take you to a world where your imagination is set free. In this world of make-believe anything can happen – animals may talk, there might be spaceships or even a mythical creature might appear.”
Tina Macnaughton

Tina Macnaughton was born in Edinburgh and did a BA Honours in Illustration before going on to work as a graphic designer for Grosvenor of London and Hasbro.

She now illustrates picture books full-time and has illustrated numerous books for Little Tiger Press, including the best-selling Little Hedgehog stories.

Tina loves travelling, sailing around Britain and Europe, cinema and animals. She worked in the Cayman Islands for a year and has been on many safaris and seen many different animals.

“The one I remember the most fondly was when I had a moment to sit down and do some drawing. I was sitting quietly in the grass for some time when I heard some rustling in longer grass just behind me. Naturally worried it was a snake out to bite me, I stared at the moving grass. Then, out popped a stripy, wee mouse who then twitched his nose and sat next to me for a bit while I drew. The mouse appeared in Snuggle up, Sleepy Ones.

Tina now lives in Guildford where she has a flat and a studio full of drawings, pads of paper, pencils, brushes, trays of soft pastels and lots of colour artwork!


  • The Smiley Snowman (written by M Christina Butler)
  • One Special Day (written by M Christina Butler)
  • Where Snowflakes Fall (written by Claire Freedman)
  • One Rainy Day (written by M Christina Butler)
  • Snow Friends (written by M Christina Butler)
  • Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones (written by Claire Freedman)

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Author-Illustrator: Liz Pichon

“Illustration doesn’t have to be done as a painting or drawing. You can use other materials like inks, collage, pens or a mixture of everything. Take a look at your favourite books for inspiration and get going!”
Liz Pichon

Liz Pichon studied graphic design at Camberwell School of Art in London.
She began working as junior designer at a commercial art studio, then later joined the music industry as Art Director for Jive Records, where she did everything from booking photographers to designing the album sleeves.

Liz left Jive to become a freelance illustrator and designer. Now her distinctive style can be seen on beach towels, fabric, calendars, mugs and games not to mention cards and books.

Her first illustrated book won a National Parent award in the USA and encouraged her to write her own stories. Liz has since won the Smarties Silver award (2004), was shortlisted for the Red House Book awards (2009), Portsmouth Book awards (2005, 2009) and was long-listed for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal (2009).

Liz works from a studio in the garden. “The studio (actually it’s a shed!) was my husband’s first music recording studio. It’s quite big with two separate rooms and is definitely the warmest place to be in winter. I escape to my shed if the kids are arguing about what to watch on telly!”

Liz lives with her husband and three children in Brighton. She doesn’t have any pets but thinks her children might swap her for a puppy given half the chance!


  • The Very Ugly Bug
  • The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf
  • The Real Story of Cinderella and the Ugly Sisters

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